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           Directorate of Medical Education and Research

Welcome to Electronic Tendering System of Government of Maharashtra. This System is intended to be used by all Departments, Agencies and Corporations of Maharashtra for processing of the Tenders online. Suppliers and Contractors intending to do business with those Departments, Agencies and Corporations of Maharashtra who have migrated their processes online are invited to register on the Electronic Tendering System.
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E Short tender Notice dt 19/03/2015 to 28/03/2015

E Short tender Notice dt 16/03/2015 to 25/03/2015

E Short tender Notice dt 17/02/2015 to 27/02/2015

E tender Notice dt 18-02-2015 to 04-03-2015_1st Extension

Corregendum_Pre-Bid 12-02-15

E tender Notice dt 05/02/2015 to 20/02/2015_1Ext_2Ext

E tender Notice dt 05/02/2015 to 25/02/2015

Notice to vendors of tender nos.462,465 and 477 regarding Financial opening.................30/01/15

Corregendum of Revised Date for Etender-2014 (04)

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 07 and 12-01-15

E tender Notice dt 01/01/2015 to 21/01/2015

Corregendum_Tender Terms and Condition

Corregendum_Pre-Bid 09-12-14

E tender Notice dt 27/11/2014 to 19/12/2014

Corregendum of Revised Date for Etender-2014 (02)

DMER/DPC/464/surgical sutures and staplers/first extension.

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 11-11-14_Evening

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 11-11-14_Morning

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 10-11-14_Evening

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 10-11-14_Morning

Revised Dates for_Opthal_Pre_Bid Meeting_14-15

DMER/DPC/Technical opening of tender no.470

E tender 1 Ext Notice dt 30/10/2014 to 13/11/2014

E tender Notice dt 30/10/2014 to 19/11/2014

Corregendum of Date for Opening Etender-2014

DMER/DPC/Notice for tender no 481/submission only......10/10/2014

DMER/DPC/postponment/e-tender nos.463,469,471 to 480...........dt.29/09/2014

Tender Notice_outsourcing of housekeeping

Revised Dates for Pre_Bid Meeting_14-15

DMER/DPC/Tender no 470/postponment of tech env.opening.........20/09/2014

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 19-09-14

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 16-09-14_Evening

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 16-09-14_Morning

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 15-09-14_Evening

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 15-09-14_Morning

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 12-09-14_Evening

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 12-09-14_Morning

Revised Schedule for Manual Tender_Machinary and Equipment

Revised Schedule for E-Tender_Machinary and Equipment

DMER/DPC/E-tender no 481 Ext. notice..........15/09/2014

DMER/DPC/Notice for Online tender nos. 474 and 475 ......11/09/2014

DMER/DPC/Important /corrigendum for online-tender nos. 469 to 480.........06/09/2014

e- tender Notice_dt.04-09-2014 to 24-09-2014_M Branch

DMER/DPC/notice for e-tender nos 461,462,465,466,467 and 468............03/09/2014

DMER/DPC/Ext. Notice for e-tender nos 469 to 473............03/09/2014

DMER/DPC/Revised form/tender 481/2014...........02/09/2014

DMER/DPC/Opening of tender nos 461 to 468.........01/09/2014

DMER/DPC/Tender no 470/notice/2014............30/08/2014

DMER/DPC/ext. notice for tender nos 476 to 481.................28/08/2014

DMER/DPC/Prebid document for tender no. 481.................28/08/2014

DMER/DPC/Prebid documents for tender nos 476 to 480.................28/08/2014

DMER/DPC/Tender no 464/Notice......................27/08/2014

DMER/DPC/Tender no 463/ ext notice..................27/08/2014

DMER/DPC/Ext.notice for tender nos 474 to 475....21/08/2014

DMER/DPC/Prebid documents for tenders 474 to 475.....21/08/2014

DMER/DPC/Ext.notice for tender nos 469 to 473....18/08/2014

DMER/DPC/Prebid documents for tenders 469 to 473.....18/08/2014

DMER/DPC/Corrigendum notice Tender 464.............18/08/2014

DMER G Branch - System Tender No. 460 - DMER/Etender/2014/cleaningservices/1Ext/G2

DMER/DPC/461 to 468 /notice.............12/08/2014

Minutes of pre - bid Meeting of Tender No. 461 Superspeciality dated 30/07/2014.....................12/08/2014

DMER/DPC/Prebid minuits- T & C Queries /2014

DMER/DPC/Reviced T & C/2014

DMER/DPC/468/Pribid minuits/2014

DMER/DPC/467/Pribid minuits/2014

DMER/DPC/466/Pribid minuits/2014

DMER/DPC/465/Pribid minuits/2014

DMER/DPC/464/Pribid minuits/2014

DMER/DPC/463/Pribid minuits/2014

DMER/DPC/462/Pribid minuits/2014

DMER/DPC/461/Pribid minuits/2014

DMER/DPC/Tender notice ............Dt.07.08.2014

DMER G Branch - System Tender No. 460 - DMER/Etender/2014/cleaningservices/G2 - Minutes Pre-bid Meeting

DMER G Branch - System Tender No. 460 - DMER/Etender/2014/cleaningservices/G2 - Notice regarding Pre-bid Meeting

DMER/DPC/Tender notice ............Dt.31.07.2014

DMER/G branch/Online tender no 460/Revised terms and conditions and corrigendum.....25/07/2014

DMER/DPC/Tender notice Dt.24.07.2014

Notice_Request for Proposal from Agencies for ICR and OMR based activities.

DMER/DPC/Notice-cancelled/416/2014. . . .21/04/2014.

DMER/DPC/E-tender-Reschedule/268/2014 21/03/2014

DMER/DPC/188/2014. Tender notice. 01.03.2014

Corrigendum in specification Prebid dt.03-02-2014

Amendment in submission of E Tender

Corregendum Notice_House Keeping Outsourcing

e- tender Notice_2nd Ext. dt.09-01-2014 to 23-01-2014

e- tender Notice_1st Ext. dt.09-01-2014 to 23-01-2014

e- tender Notice_2nd Ext. dt.26-12-2013 to 09-01-2014

e- tender Notice_1st Ext. dt.26-12-2013 to 09-01-2014

Revised Corrigendum Notice dt. 30/12/2013_Cathlab

Corrigendum Notice dt. 26/12/2013_Pre Bid_Cathlab and PPP project

Corregendum Notice_New College Equip

e- tender Notice_2nd Ext. dt.19-12-2013 to 02-01-2014

e- tender Notice_1st Ext. dt.19-12-2013 to 02-01-2014

E tender Notice_dt.19-12-2013 to 08-01-2014

Corrigendum Notice dt. 09/12/2013_Pre Bid_Yellow Patern Laser

E tender Notice_2nd Ext. dt.12-12-2013 to 26-12-2013

e- tender Notice_1st Ext. dt.12-12-2013 to 26-12-2013

E tender Notice_2nd Ext. dt.05-12-2013 to 19-12-2013

E tender Notice_1st Ext. dt.05-12-2013 to 19-12-2013

E tender Notice_dt.28-11-2013 to 18-12-2013_new Colleges

E Short tender Notice_dt.28-11-2013 to 09-12-2013

E tender Notice_2nd Ext. dt.21-11-2013 to 05-12-2013

E tender Notice_1st Ext. dt.21-11-2013 to 05-12-2013

Corrigendum Notice dt. 08/11/2013_Pre Bid

E tender Notice_1st Ext. dt.14-11-2013 to 28-11-2013

Corrigendum Notice dt. 08/11/2013_Heamatology analyser (3part) Blood Cell Counter

Corrigendum Notice dt. 23/10/2013_RO Plant

E-Tender Notice 31-10-2013 To 28-11-2013

E tender Notice dt.31-10-2013 to 21-11-2013

Corrigendum Notice dt. 23/10/2013

E tender Notice dt.17-10-2013 to 11-11-2013

Corrigendum Notice dt. 11/10/2013

E tender Notice dt.10-10-2013 to 30-10-2013

Corrigendum Notice dt. 03/10/2013

E tender Notice dt.03-10-2013 to 23-10-2013

Corrigendum Notice dt. 25/09/2013

E tender Notice dt.26-09-2013 to 17-10-2013

Corrigendum Notice dt. 24/09/2013

Corregendum Notice_20_09_13_Pre-Bid

E tender Notice dt.19-09-2013 to 09-10-2013

E-tender Notice dt.12/09/2013

E-Tender Notice 08/08/2013 to 28/08/2013

Corregendum Notice_31_07_13_128 CT

Corregendum Notice_26_07_13_128 CT

Corregendum Notice_Laser Machine

E-Tender Notice 18/07/2013 to 07/08/2013

DMER/DPC/Ayur Notice/04.07.2013

Corregendum Notice_128 Slice CT Scan

Notice_128 Slice CT Scan_13-14

Notice to Ayurvedic Tenderer

System Tender No. 113 - Bio Bags - Notice for 3rd Extension

System Tender No. 113 - Bio Bags - Notice for 2nd Extension

System Tender No. 113 - Bio Bags - Schedule Amendment Notice

bio degradable E-tender_Notice

Corrigendum Notice :- EQ-C-39 CCTV Cameras, Walkie-Talkie Systems, Information Display Board and Public Address Systems

CORRIGENDUM Notice :- Spec.No.EQ-C-38 Double Dome LED OT Light with Video Camera

DMER/DPC/ARV tender time change notice. Dt.01.01.2013

Corr. in Specification after Pre-Bid dated 26/12/2012

DMER DPC Notice -New policy Dt. 24/12/012

Corre. in Notification

DMER/DPC D and M /INJ.Injection Anti Rabies Vaccine/2012 Notice ...... Dt. 14.12.2012

Procurement of Machinary 2012-13_2Ext

Procurement of Machinary 2012-13

DMER/DPC D and M /INJ.Injection Anti Rabies Vaccine/2012

Notice for bidders of tender No 88 Dt. 06/11/2012


Notice for bidders of tender No 88 Dt. 18/10/2012

Notice for bidders of tender No 77, 78 Dt. 04/10/2012

DMER/DPC/Jeevandayee /2012-13 Dt. 25.09.2012

DMER/DPC/Notice to tenderers of tender no 77 and 78. dt.21.09.2012.


Corregendum and Full Specification of Ventilator after PRE-BID

DMER/DPC/Extension to tender no 74 DT.15.09.2012

Corregendum in Specification_Pre-Bid 06-09-12

Notice Tender No – 77,78,74 are extended .....DMER/DPC Dt. 06.09.12

Notice for Bidders participating for Tender No 52, 53, 54, 72. Dt. 01.09.2012

DMER/DPC/Notice for tender nos 55,56 and 74. Dt. 24.08.2012.

DMER/DPC/Notice to tenderers of tender nos. 52,53,54,72 about opening of envelope no 2. Dt.21.08.2012

DMER/DPC/AYURVEDIC classical/2012 Dt. 18.08.12


DMER/DPC/Notice to tenderers for tender no 73. Dt.14.08.2012

DMER/DPC/notice to tenderers of tender no 55,56 and 72

e tender notice for 2nd extention

Extention notice for Tender no.73-Dengue./DMER/DPC dt. 4/8/12

DMER/DPC/Diagnostic kits Dengue and others/2012 Dt. 26.07.12

DMER/DPC/Digital films/2012. Dt. 26.07.12

DMER/DPC/NNotice for tenderers for tender nos 53,54 and 72. Dated 23.07.2012

DMER/DPC/Surgical drugs and non drugs dated 19.07.2012

DMER /DPC/ notice to tenderers dated 19.07.2012

DMER /DPC /notice for tender no 53 and 72 . Dated 06.07.2012

DMER DPC Notice to tenderers for "Awareness Programme"


DMER/DPC/DandM//Schedule/COTTON and SURGICAL DRESSING/2012 Dated 18.06.12

DMER/DPC/Surgical Dressing item list /2012


DMER/DPC/IV Fluid Phase II Tender/ 2012 dated 16/06/2012

DMER/DPC/IV Fluid Tender items 2012 dated 16/06/2012

DMER/DPC/ Tab.Cap I Dated 14.06.2012

DMER/TenderNotice-1/MMRDA & PLAN/Equip.Purchase/12-13/7M

DMER/DPC/ Injection I Dated 08.06.2012

DMER tender notice for 34 & 46 - DPC. Dt.15/02/2012

Notice -Postponment of opening of envelope 1 -tender no 33,35 DMER- DPC. Dt.06/02/2012

DMER -DPC x-ray short tender 06/02/2012

Public Notice to Tenderers Tender no 24 dt. 28-01-2012

Tender no 24 DPC extn. 26/01/2012

Corrigendum for Tender No – 33 Surgical Sutures &Tender No – 35 Anti-Cancer

Extension notice for tender no 33 /35 DPC Dt 19/01/2012

Recalled tenders -DPC- gloves & syringes 29-12-2011

Revised Time schedule for tender no 24,33.34.35 -DPC- 27/12/2011

CORRIGENDUM in Spec of Oxygen,Nitrous Oxide & Suction System





Corrigendum in Specifications HDR Brachy Theraphy with Accessories

Corregendum_EMD Amount_Harmonic Scalpel

Important notice to the Tenderers-DMER-DPC

NOTICE TO TENDERERS (IV fluid - tender no 15) -DMER-DPC.

CORRIGENDUM in Spec of Mass Spectroscopy Triple Quadra pole L.C. / M.S.


Corrig notice_Specifications_Co2Laser_DR Lan_Harmonic Scalpel

Notice to Tenderers Awareness Programme

Notice for Oxygen ,Nitrous oxide & suction System, Co2 Laser with standard set of Accessories, Harmonic Scalpel, D.R. System with Lan System

Public Notice:Notice for the online-tenders.


E-Tender Notice Mass Spectroscopy Triple Quadra pole L.C. / M.S. with facility of upgradeable sensitivity Turn Key Project

Corrig notice_Specification_16 Slice 16 Multi-detector CT Scan Machine

1st Ext_Cone Beam Tomography

1st extn_3D-4D Color Doppler with HD camera


2nd extn Notice_Labour room E-TENDER

2nd extn Notice_Multi CT scan E-TENDER

CORRIGENDUM in Spec of 64 Slice CT, 64 Rows CT and Cone Beam Tomography

1st extn Notice_Labour room E-TENDER

1st extn Notice & Modified Specification 1000 maDigital Radiography

Notice for 1st extn CT Scan E-TENDER

2nd extn_Cardiac Cathlab E-TENDER

Specification of 64 Slice CT Scan Machine

e-Tender Notice 08-10-2011

CORRIGENDUM_1000 MA Digital Radiography (D.R.) Machine with Turnkey Basis

First Extension for Cathlab tender

Revised specifications as per pre-bid meeting dated: 24-08-2011 for Digital Cardiac Cath-Lab

E-Tender notice for E-Library

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